Derma Elite - Esthetics Academy Advanced Skincare

Tuition & Admissions

Tuition Cost:


Basic Esthetics:


Master Esthetics:




Wax Technician:


Nail Technician:


Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo:


Esthetics Instructor Program:


Cosmetology Instructor:


Nail or Wax Instructor:

$2,000 each

*Tuition costs are subject to change. Tuition cost does not include textbook(s), state testing fees, and license fees.



We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments.


Payment plans:

We offer interest-free payment plans. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to register for a program. This deposit will be credited toward your tuition once the program begins. Payments are scheduled monthly based on program length. Full payment is required before end of program.



Yes, we offer work-study based on availability. Please call for more information.


How to apply:

You can apply and enroll anytime during the year. Please stop by to visit the school and receive an application or download the application.

Derma Elite Admissions Application

We do not have an application fee.



Don't worry. We do not have a complicated admissions policy. If you are interested, serious about your career, and want to join our school, we want you here. Applicants must be at least18 years old and have valid I.D. Applicants must have high school diploma or G.E.D.


Refund/Withdrawal Policy:

If you withdrawal from school prior to completion dates, we do have a refund policy.


Percentage of Enrollment time to total time of course


00.01 to 04.9%

05.00 to 09.9%

10.00 to 14.9%

15.00 to 24.9%

25.99 to 49.9%

50.00 and over

Amount of total tuition, the School shall retain









*Does not include $150 withdrawal fee. There is no refund of application fees, text books, online subscription charges, uniforms, or other materials distributed. For test out (exempt) or refresher programs, there is no refund after first day of attendance.